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Friday, 30 January 2009

New Year Update

As I sit here trying to accomplish something on the Internet (more specifically my blog) and Jack woke up from his nap early and is now teasing his little sister. This will be a short update but I still want to do it. He will kill her if I turn my back for too long...
I will update pics later. we just bought a new computer and i have all my pics on the other computer and in our safe and both are in the other room and that is just too far away for me right now. Lazy Lazy Lazy!!
Eva is such a joy. we are enjoying her personality more everyday. She is so sweet, and sleeping better now. Jack is crazy as ever. He is so much fun and is so smart. He can now wright a "J" which is really exciting. We are working on the rest of his name. He is loving his little pre-school and Library days. I of course think he is the smartest kid ever. He can also ride his bike really well (with training wheels). He is all over the neighborhood.
Taylor is working his butt off in the commercial construction biz. We feel so blessed right now especially with the stresses that come with this industry right now. I am having so much fun being a mom. I do try to fit in time at the gym a few days a week because I have three marathons I would like to run. Well, two halves and one full... thats my "new year resolution"... we'll see what happens.
Well, thats us in a nut shell. Pics will come shortly... love bean