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Monday, 27 August 2007

how to bath a kid after cake

We spent our Saturday with the Palmers. I thought I would share our pics with you. We had a small B Day party for Jack's friend Addie (hope I spelled it correct). I think Jack enjoyed her cake more than she did. The boy loves chocolate... I think he is hormonal. Anyhew, afterwards we bathed them by throwing them in the pool. It was tonz of fun. My only regret is that I dont have pics of everyone!!

Sunday, 19 August 2007

Taiwan's Basic Law of Construction... Cut it large and kick it into place

So we made it through our first typhoon. It was very exciting and yet very boring. We covet our weekends and this storm happened to show up on a Saturday. We were a bit bummed out. The storm was fun for a couple of hours. After a while though, we realized there would be no real damage, again bummed.(I know that is morbid but we really wanted to see something happen). After being in all day We finally got in a cab and went to the Taipei 101 to at least get out of the house. We were about blown away just getting from the cab to the doors, and I was slapped in the face by a very dangerous wet flying plastic bag. Don't ever underestimate the power of a wet grocery bag... I looked like Taylor just slapped me in the face. but once inside all was good.
The title of my blog for this experience may seem confusing, but I will explain. We have a big window in our front room. It wasn't until this very windy storm that we discovered it is not installed all that well. we had a bit of water leaking all around it... lots of fun. We also have wall paper around this same window. The water drains behind the wallpaper and onto the floor. YIKES!! We are just glad this is not our permanent problem. So, I thought the title was fitting.
We are still enjoying our summer here in hot and humid Taipei. We are finding more and more indoor activities to escape the heat. Jack is beginning to think that he lives at the mall. He is a bit too comfortable there. Worse yet is the fact that the employees know who we are, and they know Jack by name. This would be ok if it got us a discount once in a while. But seeing how all of Jack's friends are mall clerks. We need to move on to a new location. All of our friends are coming home now from summer vacations so we have more people to play with. The weather should start to cool off here in the next couple of weeks or month. So it will be back to the park and playing outside!!! I will update photos with my next post. seeeee ya