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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Family Pix

We finally took some family pictures, thanks to Natasha (she's great)


So the month of April was quite eventful!! I have been motivated to run a half marathon.... every time I get my training going I have a kid who decides to get sick and stay up all night FOR A WEEK!!!! Well this month was no exception. Jack contracted the Rota virus fro the second time in his short life. Frustrated? "you betcha". He has had the immunization for this particular sickness, so how can he get it? let a lone twice. For those of you who don't know about this virus, let me enlighten you. THROW UP, THROW UP, THROW UP, DIARRHEA DIARRHEA, DIARRHEA, THROW UP, THROW UP, THROW UP, THROW UP, THROW UP, THROW UP, DIARRHEA!!!!! Oh wait did I leave out the part about the THROW UP? Both times he has had Rota he has ended up in the hospital. This time for three days. So if you know of anyone who has it.... stay away!!! Needless to say, training went down the tubes and I am back to square one.
After all the mess of sick kids, we decided to take a trip and landed in our favorite SLC. Just a quick trip but badly needed. Jack and Taylor went to MotoX and I caught up with friends. I also went to my favorite place the "train wreck store" (long story). I love and miss living in a city. It was fun.