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Monday, 15 October 2007

J. in fountian / Fisherman's Wharf

Just a small taste of Jack's entourage. By the way this fountian is not off limits. We just happen to be the only people in it. There were other Taiwanese kids in it before we got in.

Fisherman's Wharf / Toxic Beach

The first few pics are of Fisherman's Wharf. Not much to do there, but really beautiful and relaxing. As you can see, Jack enjoyed the fountian. It is ok to get into this fountian. People were looking at us like we were crazy... maybe we are. The other pics are of the beach. This beach was so much fun. We hope to go back soon. we picked up sea shells and tried to catch sand crabs (unsuccessfully). If you have read our previous blogs, I did talk a bit about the toxic beach. It looks like it is a party beach. Lots of trash!!!! Did I say lots? I meant LOTS AND LOTS of trash. The pics show some of it. We were the only people there so our friends tease us. They say no one was there because it is toxic... so we nick named it the "toxic beach". I am still waiting for my skin to fall of from playing in the water. Nothing yet. Also, at the beach there was this really cute extremely tan old man. I think he was about 85 years old. He was flying a really cool kite. I have a pic of that in here somewhere.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Rondom Pics

This slide is really random. These are pics of our youth activity and Xindian. enjoy!!

Wet Zoo

Just a few pics of us at the Zoo. Yes it pretty much rained all day. we still had fun. It just made the Zoo even more beautiful.

Does this island ever dry out?

The title of this post is really just a joke. I actually love all the rain we get. I do seem to be wet most of the time though. . .
So we had a little time off here in Taipei. Taylor changed jobs and it gave us a two week break. It was nice. We spent time being tourists in Taipei. We went to the Zoo and all the monuments here in the city. We went down to Xindian to the river walk and paddle boats. Then up to Donsui to the night market and fisherman's wharf. We also discovered a gem of a beach up there. Well... if you look past all the trash in the sand... ok, tonz of trash and the blanket that washed up... besides that it was a gem. We had the whole place to ourselves minus only a couple of locals. We picked up sea shells and played in the sand. It was the best day really. Our friends have a theory that the water is toxic, which would explain the fact that we were the only ones there. We are waiting for our skin to fall off (just had to add that in to scare the grandparents).
We bought bikes and now we can cruise the streets. Actually, Taipei has great bike trails along the rivers. We are excited about cruising those. Taylor's work is a bit farther away then it was. So he is biking it to work now. Only about a 15 min ride.
Our little Jack Jack is growing up so fast. He is in nursery now. He doesn't really like it yet... I hear it is common for his age. One of us has to stay with him for now. Usually it is Tay because he also enjoys play dough and snacks, ha ha.
This month we have some fun plans. Taylor is doing a backpacking hick up Snow Mountain with some friends. I am sure I will be posting those pics. I am signed up for a 5K down in Toroko. My friends are doing the half marathon. I am a wussy though so only a couple of miles for me. I am excited though but my training is slow going. Oh well. We love all of you and miss you all.... Bean
Taylor is serving in the YM in our ward. Jack obviously spends a lot of time with them as well. They taught Jack the "rock". He thinks it is so cool to do it now. (push "play twice)

Monday, 1 October 2007

Raining at the Zoo

Our baby Jack Jack playing in the rain at the Zoo! He is learning how to jump... can ya tell?