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Wednesday, 27 June 2007

jack's a model... when he wants to be

I can see my shadow!!!

The sun is shinning today!!! and it looks so nice outside. We are going into our monsoon season and it rains a lot. today looks to be ok though. I am thinking of taking jack to the zoo. The zoo here is very cool. It reminds me that I am on a tropical island. When you get out of the city it is really green and thick jungle all around. I love it. Speaking of Jack though. I am adding his modeling photos today. these are just the pictures we took. He did not particularly like it as you will be able to see. This shoot was for a company called "Teddy". The clothes, I thought, where not really cute. Maybe that is why he hated it.

Monday, 25 June 2007

Our World Travels

Hello everyone. I have heard that this is the best way to communicate with everyone and show all of you our pictures. So here we are. We have been so very busy here in Taipei. We are seeing so many new and cool things. The night markets here are our favorite!!!! I will post pics of that when I take them. The city is very cool but it is a city. A lot of pros and cons. It is very safe though. It really feels safer here than in S.L.C.. The crime rate here is very low. The people are so very nice and very frusterating at the same time. they are so very closed minded. They are constantly telling us what we are doing wrong with Jack. Like carrying him on our shoulders. They think that is sooooooo dangerous. We think they are crazy putting a family of four on one scooter. Just different I guess.
We are headed for the beach this weekend. I am very excited. we have to take the train so it will take us about one hour to get there. I am soooo excited and soooo ready for some summer fun. I will post those pics next week.
Well I am new to this so I will just say good bye for now. We miss you all and hope all is well with all of you. Keep in touch.... Thanks for telling me about this Blog stuff Nicole very cool. love Tay Bean and Jack