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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Mei Mei

I just want to share the cutest little girl in the world with you. the other day we started messing around and Natasha took these pics... she is so talented!!! email me if you want her info.
So, I have been super busy with two Chiclets now, but I will check this and up date it the best I can. We have been busy as can be these last few months. Both my kids got sick with Croup and RSV. IT SUCKS!!!! if you know anyone who has it..... stay away! I hate seeing my babies so sick. They are on the mend now and all is well.
I started up Volleyball through the league here. It is a blast I love playing. I played in Taiwan with all the foreigners in Taipei but I have not been able to play since I got pregnant. I love it.
Tay is busy at work. He is starting a business in the middle of a fantastic economy! It is going OK though. We feel really blessed. The weather is getting so nice too. Jack rides his bike almost all day. Our community pool opens next month, so that will be a great babysitter for the kids (just kidding Grandma). Well, here we are and there we go.... peace out