I love having people visit us here. I also love getting back in contact with all of you. Please re-invite me to your blogs. I have tried to get on to several of them and I cant...

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Fall already???!!

Oh wow already into the fall... Well, lets see, summer was crazy and yet uneventful all at the same time. I can't seem to remember that far back.... Jack officially learned to swim on his own. Just a bit of swim lessons and everyday at the pool and its bound to happen. I love watching him play at the pool. He can swim in the deep end and jump in with the big boys... super cute. Eva on the other hand thinks she can swim and can NOT. She hops in just like her brother and then I have to dive across the pool with clothes on to save her (really happens). She is going to be 2 in a month and acts like she's 10. She had grown her own mullet and has the cutest one year old mullet ever. No really she is so beautiful. Taylor has been busy with work and it has been so great to finally see a building erected to show off all that hard work. He has been helping extra with kids too this last little bit. I have caught the running bug and training has consumed me. He is always so willing to work out his schedule with me. Thanks babe! So, I just finished the St. George Marathon this last weekend. Running is really hard for me and that was a HUGE accomplishment. I can't believe I did it without a stretcher (ha). My time could have been better but I'm not at all disappointed, 5:30 isn't bad. I did the LA Ragnar in the spring, Red Rock a couple weeks ago and will finish the year with the Las Vegas Ragnar in three weeks. We are looking forward to the fall and all it has to offer, bring on the holidays... see ya

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

March update

So my cute husband gave me a new camera for christmas!! one problem... I have to learn how to use all the functions. Downloading the pics onto my computer? well, not the same. So the pictures that match up with this blog will be here shortly.
So jack and I were able to go to disneyland with my dad. He loved it and even loved the crowd. He met Mickey, Goofey, Donald, Chip & Dale (different chip and dale-ya sickos), Minnie, Corella Devil, Mator and McQueen and more but I cant keep track. I believe the Buzz Lightyear ride was his favorite. If all goes well, we hope to return next month with our fam. Jack is growing up so much. We celebrated his 4th Birthday this month. He is so big and tall and I really feel like he should be 10. I feel like I have known him forever! He also learned how to ride his bike with NO training wheels the very next week. He has quadrupled his bruises and scabs but he loves it.
Eva has grown a mile. She is 16months and is wearing 2T clothes. She is the sweetest thing. She gives volunteer hugs and kisses all the time. She is my little buddy. My favorite thing is when she strokes my face and says "ma ma" then she finishes it with a kiss. She loves to tackle her brother and ride his plasma cars. She finally has barely enough hair for a pony and a clip. She is such a joy.
Taylor and I are doing great. Work for him is picking up. Construction is so fun!!!??!?!??? Actually, he really is doing well with it and staying busy so we count our blessings everyday. My little job keeps me hopping and balancing work, kids, running, home, and family is very challenging but somehow it all comes together. I am running in the LA Ragnar race in April. I am so excited. I only know a few people on my team but they seem super cool so I can't wait. Covering 200 miles between 12 people in 24 hrs??? yes were nuts. love bean

Monday, 7 December 2009

Taylor and I had such a fun 6th anniversary. I surprised him with a powered para-gliding ride, round of golf, a tan (mostly for me but we are both a bit albino), and dinner. It was a blast and I love him more than life its self. Happy Anniversary babe I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!!!

maybe its the rain

I feel impressed today to thank my Heavenly Father for my many blessings. I just read the blog of a friend of mine. I am so blessed to have healthy kids that I do. Even now my baby is crying in the other room because she doesn't want to take a nap and Jack is watching Dora and yelling at me to make him breakfast. I feel so lucky to be a mom of the most beautiful little turkeys ever. I love them with all my heart. I guess I just feel all emotional today... maybe its the rain. love bean

Monday, 23 November 2009

I have been getting so much crap about my blogging these days. I know I really suck at it lately. Not that we are not the coolest people on the planet, just busy. So here are a few new pics w more to come later... love bean

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Family Pix

We finally took some family pictures, thanks to Natasha (she's great)


So the month of April was quite eventful!! I have been motivated to run a half marathon.... every time I get my training going I have a kid who decides to get sick and stay up all night FOR A WEEK!!!! Well this month was no exception. Jack contracted the Rota virus fro the second time in his short life. Frustrated? "you betcha". He has had the immunization for this particular sickness, so how can he get it? let a lone twice. For those of you who don't know about this virus, let me enlighten you. THROW UP, THROW UP, THROW UP, DIARRHEA DIARRHEA, DIARRHEA, THROW UP, THROW UP, THROW UP, THROW UP, THROW UP, THROW UP, DIARRHEA!!!!! Oh wait did I leave out the part about the THROW UP? Both times he has had Rota he has ended up in the hospital. This time for three days. So if you know of anyone who has it.... stay away!!! Needless to say, training went down the tubes and I am back to square one.
After all the mess of sick kids, we decided to take a trip and landed in our favorite SLC. Just a quick trip but badly needed. Jack and Taylor went to MotoX and I caught up with friends. I also went to my favorite place the "train wreck store" (long story). I love and miss living in a city. It was fun.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Mei Mei

I just want to share the cutest little girl in the world with you. the other day we started messing around and Natasha took these pics... she is so talented!!! email me if you want her info.
So, I have been super busy with two Chiclets now, but I will check this and up date it the best I can. We have been busy as can be these last few months. Both my kids got sick with Croup and RSV. IT SUCKS!!!! if you know anyone who has it..... stay away! I hate seeing my babies so sick. They are on the mend now and all is well.
I started up Volleyball through the league here. It is a blast I love playing. I played in Taiwan with all the foreigners in Taipei but I have not been able to play since I got pregnant. I love it.
Tay is busy at work. He is starting a business in the middle of a fantastic economy! It is going OK though. We feel really blessed. The weather is getting so nice too. Jack rides his bike almost all day. Our community pool opens next month, so that will be a great babysitter for the kids (just kidding Grandma). Well, here we are and there we go.... peace out

Friday, 30 January 2009

New Year Update

As I sit here trying to accomplish something on the Internet (more specifically my blog) and Jack woke up from his nap early and is now teasing his little sister. This will be a short update but I still want to do it. He will kill her if I turn my back for too long...
I will update pics later. we just bought a new computer and i have all my pics on the other computer and in our safe and both are in the other room and that is just too far away for me right now. Lazy Lazy Lazy!!
Eva is such a joy. we are enjoying her personality more everyday. She is so sweet, and sleeping better now. Jack is crazy as ever. He is so much fun and is so smart. He can now wright a "J" which is really exciting. We are working on the rest of his name. He is loving his little pre-school and Library days. I of course think he is the smartest kid ever. He can also ride his bike really well (with training wheels). He is all over the neighborhood.
Taylor is working his butt off in the commercial construction biz. We feel so blessed right now especially with the stresses that come with this industry right now. I am having so much fun being a mom. I do try to fit in time at the gym a few days a week because I have three marathons I would like to run. Well, two halves and one full... thats my "new year resolution"... we'll see what happens.
Well, thats us in a nut shell. Pics will come shortly... love bean

Monday, 24 November 2008


Introducing our little Eva Jocelyn. She was born November 1st at 7:42pm. At 7lbs 14oz, she is the most beautiful little person we have ever seen. She is healthy and happy, and we are blessed to be parents again. Jack is getting used to being a big brother of a person he can't play with. We keep telling him that when she is big she will play with him, but for now all she does is sit and sleep. He thinks that sucks. He loves her though and is excited for her to get big. We are savoring the short time we have while she is small and sleeps on our shoulder. Welcome to this world EVA!!!!!!