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Saturday, 24 May 2008


OK, I have a question for you. What do you do when you are homeless, jobless and pregnant? You go to Mexico of course, or so we thought. We have been on "vacation" since we moved back from Taiwan and thought that a "real vacation" sounded like a good idea. Turns out we were right. We had a blast in Rocky Point Mexico. Sunshine, deep sea fishing, sunshine, tacos, sunshine, skim boarding, sunshine, mangoes and of course more sunshine. We all came back with a tan and after living in the land of porcelain skin (Asia), we decided we like this look better.
Jack now is sporting a new do. A little Mohawk now sits on his cute little white head. His tan has helped him not look so sickly. He now has a healthy glow and its about time.
I feel pregnant as ever. Apparently I am not showing to anyone but myself, but almost 18 weeks in and 10 pounds later, I can sure see it. We find out what we are having in a couple of weeks. Any predictions?
Taylor is on the hunt for jobs (if you hear of anything, let us know). St. George is not as "international business friendly" as we would like. Not too many Chinese speaking jobs in southern Utah (big surprise). But there are a few things here we are looking at. Life is fun and we are optimistic.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Welcome to the United States

As soon as we landed on American soil in L.A. we knew we were back in the USA!!! Immediately we were treated like crap and not one person stopped us to touch our baby and tell us how amazing he is. Home sweet home!!

The first week we dedicated a lot of time to recovering from Jet Lag and catching up with family. We had two nieces and a nephew we got to meet for the first time. So much changes in just a year.

We attended the Southern Utah Kite festival. Much different than festivals in Taiwan. Jack got to ride in a 55 gallon berral cut in half and pulled buy a tractor. He hated it. He did like seeing all the kites in the sky though. We decided it was time to leave when a huge dust devil kicked up and was heading right for the festivities

Jack loves playing outside and riding his bike down the sidewalk. He also loves running through the sprinklers and playing with cousins. He likes playing so much that he was running at his cousins birthday party last week fell and split open his eyebrow. Three stitches later with NO insurance yet... life is good.

So here we are dwelling among the beautiful red rocks of Southern Utah looking for our next adventure!!!

Forever Made in Taiwan

The title if this entry is fitting for two reasons. I hope to explain...
Ending our journey in Taiwan was not easy. I cried all the way to the airport. We were so busy getting ready to move and Taylor's parents and brother came to visit our last week as well. We were too busy to think much about leaving. Now reflecting on our time there I feel like we were "made in Taiwan". We were only there a year but our lives will be forever touched and changed because of it.
Our testimonies were strengthened greatly. We really learned what we are made of and how much the Lord loves us. We are forever inspired by the wonderful ward members who dedicate so much to the church. We will always remember the examples they are and hope to keep those friendships alive. We truly felt the love of a Heavenly family in Taipei and we want to pass that on to our friends and family here. We thank the Taipei English ward from the bottom of our hearts.
When we did come to the difficult decision of leaving we also felt inspired to extend our family. Perfect timing? We thought so. Our Doctor told us that it would take us months to get pregnant after an IUD (ask your mom, if you don't know what that is). Well, it actually only took a couple of weeks. Today we are 14 weeks along and doing great. So our little souvenir will be born around November 5th. We feel so blessed.
Our adventure in Taiwan has ended for now but we hope to return "home" someday.
Zaijian 再見