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Friday, 17 October 2008

Baby Baby Baby

This is not an announcement... sorry to disappoint!! I am still with child for the next two weeks (or less). I just thought I would post the few baby belly pics we took. If you are not ready to expose your eyes to a bare baby bump... look away.
We have been trying to prep Jack for the up coming event. He does not fully understand what is going to happen to him (how could he) but we are trying anyhow. He knows that his baby sister will come out of mommy's tummy soon and that she with take baths with him and she will not play with his toys. He told me that we need to get baby sister her own boat for the tub (he has made his own plans with his sister). He has his own baby doll which he only takes care of when I remind him that it is there. I think that he feels the anticipation though and is excited for something to happen. Taylor and I are also excited. I am at the annoyed stage though where all my Doctor visits are a disappointment. I expect him to tell me that I am going to give birth at any moment and we should head to the hospital... NOT WHAT HE IS SAYING. Oh well, she is happy to stay put for now. I will let you all know when she arrives.

Back for more

So I am re-entering the blogging world after a small disconnect. Life has been going by so fast these last few months. We are finally all moved in and our Internet is connected. Taylor takes the lap top to work with him so if I don't remember to use the Internet when he gets home (which I don't) then blogging does not happen. But now I am committed and Back for more!!!
I am so excited about the up coming season. I love fall and the holidays in it. This cute little number is hanging on our front door. Everyone in our neighborhood decorates their front doors and I was feeling a bit left out. However, I am HUGE and not really feeling like doing the actual work to make it happen. So I found this cute little number at TJ Maxx and we are now part of the Halloween club in the neighborhood. Trick or Treat!!!!!