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Friday, 20 June 2008

Summer Time and The Livin's Easy

I am proud to say that Jack is no longer pasty white. His little body is covered in spf 50 but it only makes him tan. We have had a fun and hot summer so far. I forgot how HOT summers are in Southern Utah. I must say though that when people say "at least it is a dry heat"... THAT IS REAL. After a very humid summer in Taiwan last year, this is hot but better. We go to the splash pads all the time. Jack even has a plastic pool in the yard to keep him cool. We do hit up any pool we can find.
Our In-Laws took us to the Lake a couple weeks ago. Wake boarding is just as much fun as we remembered. We drug Jack and Taylor behind the boat on a knee board. Jack had a blast and I think a new water sport athlete was born that day.

Tay is in the process of starting a business here so it looks like we will be living here for a while. It will be nice to live near family. We really never have since we've been married. I know Jack loves being near his uncles, aunts and cousins. I could go to the lake more often so that will be great. >

It's a Girl!!!!

We are happy to say that we are expecting a girl come this Fall. We are excited in different ways. Taylor is over the moon to have a "daddy's little girl". I am excited to shop in the other part of the store. Girls clothes are just so much more fun. Jack is excited too but he doesn't know why. We have tried to tell him that mommy has a baby in her tummy. He tells us that he has a baby monkey in his tummy. I know girls bring lots of drama. I know I am really in for it because I was such a pain to my parents.. Oh well, bring on the Pink.