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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Fall already???!!

Oh wow already into the fall... Well, lets see, summer was crazy and yet uneventful all at the same time. I can't seem to remember that far back.... Jack officially learned to swim on his own. Just a bit of swim lessons and everyday at the pool and its bound to happen. I love watching him play at the pool. He can swim in the deep end and jump in with the big boys... super cute. Eva on the other hand thinks she can swim and can NOT. She hops in just like her brother and then I have to dive across the pool with clothes on to save her (really happens). She is going to be 2 in a month and acts like she's 10. She had grown her own mullet and has the cutest one year old mullet ever. No really she is so beautiful. Taylor has been busy with work and it has been so great to finally see a building erected to show off all that hard work. He has been helping extra with kids too this last little bit. I have caught the running bug and training has consumed me. He is always so willing to work out his schedule with me. Thanks babe! So, I just finished the St. George Marathon this last weekend. Running is really hard for me and that was a HUGE accomplishment. I can't believe I did it without a stretcher (ha). My time could have been better but I'm not at all disappointed, 5:30 isn't bad. I did the LA Ragnar in the spring, Red Rock a couple weeks ago and will finish the year with the Las Vegas Ragnar in three weeks. We are looking forward to the fall and all it has to offer, bring on the holidays... see ya


communikate. said...

It's a Chrismtas miracle. You acutally posted!

Congrats on RUNNING the marathon. I'm uber impressed!

Mary Stuart said...

Come visit us!!! We live right by Red Rock!!

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